GE JP3030DJBB Review – Perfect 30-Inch Electric Cooktop

When you think of cooking, your mind usually wanders to the concept of slaving over a hot stove, stirring several items at once with both hands, readying a food item to be served to a large family. However, that is not quite ideal, now is it?


You must look deeper into the world of cooking and cooking devices in order to understand what the GE JP3030DJBB Electric Cooktop can do for you. With a sleek design and plenty of space for multiple items, we are now beginning to witness an evolution in the standards of food preparation. This is not your normal cooking expedient; this is a revolution in the making, and you can witness it first-hand.

Before we start with the GE JP3030DJBB review, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the 30-Inch electric cooktop.


  • Sleek, glass surface allows for easy cooking
  • 4 knobs are built right into the stovetop for adjusting temperament
  • Incredible heat comes from this powerful 2,500-watt device
  • Cook multiple items at once


  • Stove tops are all different sizes, which does not make much sense if using similar-sized pots
  • Rather expensive for a cooktop, in comparison to some of today’s more standard items

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Features and Benefits of GE JP3030DJBB 30-Inch

So you may be wondering what the features are. It is inherent to understand that this is not your standard cooking apparatus, dispensing extreme heat for a sweat-soaked meal. This is a revolution in cooktops. Let’s explore the GE JP3030DJBB review and go over the in-depth features below:

Four radiant cooking elements

This allows you to cook multiple items at once on a nicely-tuned glass exterior. Ever wondered what it would be like to cook on multiple-sized exterior devices? Well, now you can find out!

Featuring four radiant cooking platforms, you are more than capable of experiencing this new method of cooking! Though it might seem a bit inconvenient that each stove top is a different size, it really is a gift. It cooks foods quickly, without the hassle of having to worry about pots and pans everywhere!

Two 8” Power Boil elements

Running at a mean 2,500 watts, the cooktop can do more than just cook; it can steam and boil, as well. It can handle anything from a small meal to your next family dinner.

The heat is extensive. 2,500 watts is not only impressive for this kind of device; it is unheard of. Most stove tops run at around 1,000 watts, but the 2,500-watt device can mean the difference between 400 degrees and 600 degrees.

Keep Warm Setting

We all have been there: a dinner goes cold, saving itself for the leftover plate. But what if you had a keep warm setting available to keep your cooked or steamed foods from losing temperature?

With this stove top, you can set yourself up for a “Keep Warm” setting, which allows the device to run on minimal power, maintaining warmth to the food you just spent an hour cooking. This allows you to avoid the hassle of microwaving something you just boiled; it will remain warm for you.

Hot surface indicator lights

Do not worry about burning yourself! The device features warning lights to prevent you from touching an item that is too hot. Personally, I have burned myself too many times reaching for a pot that is way too hot to touch without a glove.

I would love to be able to cook without having to worry about this. These indicator lights are also very obvious, meaning you will always remember to look at them first.

Sleek, lightweight design

This is not your ordinary stove top; this is a revolution. It looks like it came out of a scene from “Back to The Future II”, and it impresses the eyes with its lustrous design.

Featuring a futuristic on-surface knob element that allows you to adjust heat right from the surface, and weighing in at only 39 pounds, it can be easily stored or carried around a home or to various locations for easy-to-handle cooking!

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This cooktop surely competes with the best of them. But how so? What are the positives and negatives?

Empava 24-Inch Cooktop vs. GE JP3030DJBB

The Empava 24-Inch Cooktop is a product that looks a lot like the GE Electric Cooktop, and runs at a similar wattage which, in turn, promotes the possibility of a higher temperature for possibly less effort. The two devices also both have four places to cook, however the GE Electric Cooktop is 30”, whereas the Empava is only 24”.

Also, the burners – though the same odd shape – are the same, but in different locations, leaving one wondering who started the trend! It is pretty cool to look at, but really it comes down to the size difference overall.

Ovente BG61B vs. GE JP3030DJBB

The Ovente Cool Touch Portable Ceramic Induction Cooktop is another with striking similarities. The price is much lower here, however, it does not seem to respond too well to high temperatures.

Though it may look the same, the two devices are drastically assimilar, with the GE Electric Cooktop weighing more but being able to cook on a larger surface, with more heat; the Ovente, however, has less heat availability but weighs significantly less. This is really an “up to you” moment, as the two both have their pros and cons.

Fagor IF A80BF 30-Inch vs. GE JP3030DJBB

It is amazing how so many different cooktops could look so progressive and innovative! I was thoroughly impressed reviewing these past two items; now, let us look at a third. The Fagor 30-Inch Cooktop is the same size as the GE model, but works at triple the heating power.

However, one must question how hot we need our food before making a judgment call on this platform! The Fagor weighs 47 pounds whereas the GE Electric Cooktop weighs 39, so if you are looking for portability as a factor, go with the GE.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the power for this appliance?
Q. Can you turn down the heat to allow food to simmer or boil?
Q. Can this item be used on an older stove variation?

Final Thought

In conclusion, this device is worth the price! I would recommend it to those who want to do some serious cooking. If you are in the market for a new way to cook your food, utilize this item and consider it one of the best of them.

It comes with a variety of interesting and conventional features that make cooking on it so much easier. It also looks pretty darned nice, which is always a good thing. Check out this device now!

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