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Top 7 Best Induction Cooktops 2017 – Expert Review

Best Induction CookTop

Modernizing your kitchen with a tech savvy appliance such as an induction cooktop is surely a great move in 2017. An induction cooktop is undoubtedly a great and precise, not to forget safe replacement for your built gas top. Cook whenever you want, wherever you want, without having to worry about the gas connection or bill at all!

So what exactly is this induction cooktop? Induction Cooktop is actually a very cool appliance that replaces the commonly used thermal or fuel based cooktops by using magnetic induction. The cooktop works in the presence of magnetic flux which is why it heats up and cools down much faster as compared to other cooktops.

Now I’m no industrial expert in this field but with a keen interest in cooktops and the feel of space age tech that runs them, I will be walking you through the top 7 Best Induction Cooktops available in the market and how you can narrow down to the best one that suits you.

How much does an Induction Cooktop cost?

Keeping in mind the various features, an induction cooktop is perhaps one of the most affordable additions that you can ever make to your kitchen. Still, here I am going to talk about the different price range of the top models and what features you might be able to get with that price.

You can get a decent induction cooktop for less than $50 but then you would be missing on some of the good features such as automatic shutoff, temperature range choice and faster cooking. By coming to the $50-$80 range, you can get the top models of induction cooktops which compared to the price of a stove as well as efforts made is just a song. You get an automatic timer, auto shut-off (discussed later), power level range as well as several temperature level settings along with other fascinating features.

You can spend around $15 to $20 extra for the induction cooktop and get an extended warranty as well as induction cookware absolutely free.

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Drawbacks of Induction Cooktops

Well, something as good as revolutionizing tech too can have drawbacks. Induction cooktops might be full of brilliant features but here’s the thing- they are not generously silent as compared to the electric or gas stoves. And moreover, you need induction cookware or pots (necessary magnetic properties) for cooking with these induction cooktops which calls for spending a few extra bucks. But as compared to the great deal of advantages that you can reap from induction cooktops, I say the drawbacks are pretty much negligible.

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Best Induction Cooktops Review- Top 7

Carrying out research on reports and reviews, we bring to you, all the specifications of the top cooktops that you may require before making the buy decision. In short, you will find to the point and precise information on the top listed cooktops with every detail listed in the most unbiased manner here.

DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC

DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC Best Induction Cooktops

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One of the most popular, this Duxtop Induction cooktop is truly a masterpiece that efficiently combines technology with the art perfect cooking. Starting with its standard specifications, the appliance runs on 15 amps of electricity and 120 volts which means you can practically connect it anywhere without worrying about extra power usage.

The cooktop is light in weight and is very easy to handle and operate which ensures that cooking becomes even simpler and more fun for you.

Most cooktops provide you with 8 temperature ranges for different cooking styles. Here, you get 10 temperature ranges that can be maintained by you manually, from 140 to 460 Fahrenheit.

Not just the temperature range, you also get to control the timer with the digital panel. The digital panel allows increment starting from as low as 1 minute, extending all its way to 170 minutes.

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One of the most impressive features of this Duxtop cooktop is its auto pan detection which allows heat to be shut off if it does not detect a pan or cookware for 60 seconds, saving your power. Talk about power and it excels there as well, boasting of 10 power levels ranging from 200 watts to 1800 watts as compared to the eight and less power levels provided by other top cooktops.

This cooktop is interactive as well. Fitted with a warning system, it makes you aware of any functional error and low or high voltage.

However to use this, you would always need an induction enabled pot or cookware which does happen to be one of its rare disadvantages.

Overall, this Duxtop cooktop proves to be the best induction cooktop, all thanks to its amazing features and huge appreciation as well as positive reviews received by active users. It is reliable, stylish, portable and efficient- all what you would love in your cooktop.

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DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 9100MC

DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 9100MC

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Liked the 8100 MC cooktop from Duxtop? Then you’re going to simply love this one, the DUXTOP 9100 MC, proud successor of the Duxtop series that brings additional professional grade features and functionalities for a few extra bucks. The standard operating specifications remain the same at 120 V and 15 amps current.

Just like its predecessor 8100MC, the 9100 MC cooktop from Duxtop has an ultra modern look and comes equipped with a digital display for better control and functionality. You get the error messages for any abnormal operation while the system itself warns you of voltage below or higher than the prescribed range. The 8100 MC and 9100 MC share another same feature- a control timer that can be incremented in every minute, starting from 1 going all the way up to 170 minutes.

The Auto Pan feature still remains in function, shutting the heat off after it does not detect pan for 60 seconds in order to be more power efficient.

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So what’s new and better? The temperature range and the power control range is now even better- giving you more options for a better and more precise cooking experience. The 9100 MC has 15 different temperature ranges from 140 to 460 F and 15 different power ranges starting from 200 W, going till 1800 W. So you get fairly more ranges of power and temperature in this cooktop.

But the guys at Duxtop still couldn’t manage to design it to work with the non-induction capable cookware and vessels, again qualifying this as a major disadvantage.

The reviews as well as the response meted out to this induction cooktop are quite positive and fantastic. The 9100 MC from Duxtop is the best of the best, a true top rated cooking top that surely would be a valuable addition to your space.

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NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop

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NuWave- the firm quite famous for its advertisements on how quickly their cooktops can cook the food brings one of its best to the battle- the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop. The advertisement itself has earned NuWave the trust of several customers.

So what’s new with NuWave that is not there in Duxtop’s top models? This NuWave induction cooktop can reach a temperature of 575 F whereas even the best hardly manage 460. Needless to say, the average heat produced is twice as much as the other top rated induction cooktops which is why it can cook better and a lot more dishes as compared to the top models from Duxtop.

Let’s talk boiling water which this cooktop achieves in 90 second tops, making it the fastest of the lot. Whether you are caramelizing, pouching or simmering- everything is done faster with this NuWave cooktop.

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Now even though it heats up fast and can give more heat, the surprising advantage is that it still happens to be quite energy efficient, saving more than 50% of power. Not the best of the lot, but surely notable.

The functional reviews for the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop are great. People have loved it for its easy functionality and ability to heat and cook faster than other well-rated induction cooktops. However, this cooktop has seriously lacked in one domain – customer service. People weren’t helped out with missing parts and they found no option to get the model replaced or reimbursed. Perhaps this is why I found more negative feedback for this NuWave cooktop than any other model mentioned.

Take that off and we are looking at one of the best built and designed induction cooktop that is faster and better in every sense.

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NuWave PIC Titanium 2015 Model Year 1800 Watts Highest Powered Induction Cooktop

NuWave PIC Titanium 2015 Model Year 1800 Watts Highest Powered Induction Cooktop

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Making its firm NuWave proud, NuWave PIC Titanium is fourth on my list. Boasting of being engineered and built to last longer and deliver unprecedentedly efficient performance, the NuWave PIC Titanium surely carries the torch forward, bettering what NuWave Precision Top could manage.

As usual, the advertisements made quite a lot of promise from NuWave which has already established its integrity and value. This NuWave PIC Titanium boasts of having a larger build (9 and ½ inches, totalling to 12) which enables it to accommodate larger pans and pots without any trouble. Make as much as you want without having to cook again.

But what really makes this NuWave model special is its precise temperature control that can control temperature at intervals of 5 while most of the other cooking tops can handle up to just 10. Bye bye undercooked, overcooked and burnt food.

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Another fascinating feature of this NuWave Titanium PIC is that it offers 94 temperature settings to the user which is indeed great. The Titanium PIC is highly efficient in design as well as functionality which is why it can boil water in just 60 seconds!

The new delayed shutoff feature makes the Titanium PIC work like a charm. If you want to replace the pot or cookware, you can easily do so within ten seconds of removing the old pot and you wouldn’t have to restart the PIC at all. The build is said to be engineered in such a manner that the PIC would surely last more than a decade!

The response for NuWave Titanium PIC have been mostly positive with no surprise there. It is great that no customer reported any issue with the functionality. However, customer service could really use an upgrade for even more popularity in the near future.

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Gourmia GIC-100 Multifunction Portable 1800W Induction Cooker Cooktop

Gourmia GIC100

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Affordability and Dependability rolled into one give you one of the best induction cooktops available in the market today- the Gourmia GIC-100. Despite less features being offered, it is the most popular and most sought after induction cooking tops in the market.

Compared to others in the top slots, the Gourmia GIC kind of falls short in the temperature range settings, offering just 8 compared to the average 10. The case is same with the power level settings as well. The power level begins from 200 watts, ranging to 1800 watts while the temperatures setting allow a range from 140 to 460 F. Temperature dial with knob and a cool digital display make it fairly easy to operate.

Like most of the well-engineered cooktops, the Gourmia GIC-100 too comes with a heat censor capability which shuts off power if the appliance gets over-heated.

What’s so special about GIC-100? It has countdown timer that can be set from 1 minute to 180 minutes, 10 minutes more than the usual limit being offered in top models such as the one from Duxtop. Another quality of the GIC-100 is that it uses very less power which makes it energy efficient, helping you save some pennies off the power usage bill.

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The cooktop is easy to use as well as clean. However, it does require the use of induction specific cookware for all operations including boiling.

As for the response from the customers, it was overwhelmingly pleasant as more and more users have just loved the functionality of this Gourmia cooktop. Its ability to heat faster and save energy remains unmatched and as far as the negative feedback goes, the only issue people have reported is that they are not able to use normal cookware with this cooking top.

If you are seeking to buy a portable, affordable and durable cooktop to serve all your cooking needs, GIC-100 from Gourmia is all you need.

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Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

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One of the oldest and most widely used induction cooktop is that of the Max Burton, which has set the standards of several excellently engineered stainless steel cooktops in the market today. The Max Burton is a highly reliable induction cooktop that is perfect for every type of cooking.

Let’s start with the standard specifics- it operates at a power of up to 1800 Watts at 120 Volts. The same specs are standard for other well-rated induction cooktops as well.

Coming to the temperature range offered, the user is offered 10 temperature settings that start from 100 F, going to 450 F. The minimum temperature is lower than that of other cooktops which is why you can half boil and warm things perfectly. The power levels offered are 10 as well, that range between 200 and 1800 Watts making it similar to other models in power rating.

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The Max Burton also has a countdown timer that you can set between 1 and 180 minutes as per your needs. So not only do you get better range of temperature settings and an easy control with digital display, you also get a much better timer control than most of the top induction cooktop models.

The cooktop comes with a heat sense technology equipped alongside an inline fuse that shuts off the cooktop operation as soon as the appliance gets over heated. An impressive quality of the top remains- it is safe to use as it gets heated only in the portion of contact with the pan or cookware.

Users meted out quite positive reviews for the Max Burton 6200; that are why it is one of the most widely used cooktops today. The functionalities and ease of operations have been loved by all. However, the use of induction cookware only and slow heating has scored it some negative points as well.

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Ovente BG62B Double Portable Ceramic Induction Cooktop

Ovente BG62B Double Portable Ceramic Induction Cooktop

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Too much for using induction cookware every time you need to use an induction cooktop? Ovente presents its portable ceramic BG62B cooktop that allows you to cook twice as fast as gas or electric cooktops with cast iron and stainless steel cookware. What’s great? You can cook two dishes at the same time with this cooktop from Ovente.

The Ovente cooktop for starters has the same standard specifications of operation- takes 120 Volts and uses 1800 Watts of power at its maximum. Coming to the different temperature levels and power settings, this Ovente top has just 8 of them instead of 10 which does not turn out to be a disadvantage at all as you can easily melt chocolate, stir fry as well as boil without any issue. The temperature range available is 140-465 F.

Some of the most fascinating qualities of this cooktop include energy efficiency as it saves up to 90% of power as compared to its counterparts. Not only that, it is equipped with a smart overheat censor that automatically shuts off the cooktop when it gets overheated or whenever there is no pan or cookware detected.

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To ensure extra safety, Ovente has come up with an all new hot light and child safety lock. No more worrying about your toddler touching and changing the controls are trying to feel the hot surface. The design looks sturdy and well engineered which is why this cooktop lasts longer than others.

Response of customers to this cooktop has been mostly positive with almost everyone appreciating the customer service, terming it as unmatched and unbeatable. Negative response came only from people who could not understand how to use the cooktop well.

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Methodology for Best Induction Cooktops Selection

For selecting the products, I just went about like a customer to pick the best choice available in a decent budget. Induction cooktop works like a charm which is why we had to go through quite the tedious work to examine all the reviews on popular shopping sites as well as blog sites. Apart from going through the reviews, we went through the official product reports and reviews from manufacturers and top chefs as well.

From popular and most bought products, we picked the top ten products which were then compared and evaluated on the following basis-


The different features of all the top ten products were noted and we each of them to see the different temperature range, power options, extent of energy efficiency and smart functionality being offered.


Cooking ability is of the essence when it comes to induction cooktops. So we compared the cooking and boiling time along with the quality of performance (sound, heating) as well.

User safety

User safety is a crucial requirement to be fulfilled by any electrical appliance which is why we kept it at third on our list. Here, we evaluated the auto shut-off, cooling and setting up processes which affect the safety of the user.


Well, no one can rank or make a buy decision without considering the price after all!


Here, we evaluated the design and engineering of the cooktop which practically imparts the cooktop its durability. Better durability, better ranking.


So here, the special feature or functional ability of the cooktop (if any) was noted. Now that ‘catchy feature’ was further compared and the products were ranked according to the usefulness of the speciality.

Value for Money

Last but not the least; we evaluated how much value the cooktop returns for its cost. In this, power efficiency, performance, durability, efforts saved, time saved and many other factors were considered to rank the cooktops accordingly.

After sorting the top ten products on the above-mentioned grounds, we finally picked the top seven of them, presenting their unbiased review to you in a nutshell.

Why Buy an Induction Cooktop?

So you might be impressed by some technical cooking and food stuff going on here and have closely gone through each review presented by us with a simple question in mind- why buy or use an induction cooktop?

So here’s your answer. An induction cooktop is much better cooking option than the gas stove or electric cooktop. Comparing all three, it has been already proven that induction cooktops are far more energy efficient as well effective in the cooking process. Here are some advantages of induction cooktops as compared to other cooktops at a glance-

Cooks food faster

If you value time and are excited by the idea of saving minutes of precious time while cooking, induction cooktop definitely gives you an upper hand over the gas and electric cooktops.

Induction brings energy efficiency

If saving on power bills makes you happy, induction cooktop should really be on your list as you can bid farewell to heavy power bills or gas expenses by using induction cooktops.

They are safe to use

Gas cooktops and stoves have always been unsafe to use due to the probability of possible leaks and uncontrolled flame. Electric cooktops too have caused serious burns to the users every now and then.

Induction cooktops however are very safe to use. You can forget getting burnt as only the area in contact with the pan or pot gets heated and the top shuts off automatically on overheating. What’s more, it comes equipped with a child safety lock as well, to ensure your toddler doesn’t operate it without you noticing.

Easy to clean and maintain

Another advantage of induction cooktops is that they are extremely easy to clean as well as maintain. You do not have to worry about food items sticking to the burner area like in the gas cooktops as the surface is completely non-stick and can be wiped clean without much effort!

Greater and better functions

What’s better than having more than double features and temperature power ranges with an option to choose from hundreds of dishes and types of foods that can be cooked? You get limited by gas and electric cooktops while induction cooktops invite imagination, calling for cooking adventure with great offered functions.

It is economical

I would say they are affordable but then I would be unfair to induction cooktops. Calculate the time saved while boiling, simmering, cooking and then the power and energy saved as well. Not only do you save on precious time, but you save money as well, compensating the cost within the next few months.

Buying Guide- Choosing an Induction cooktop

Assuming you have been blown away by the idea of trying your hands on induction cooktop- the best possible appliance that can enhance your kitchen experience, we are now going to help you out in selecting the best one that would suit you well.

Take a note that these factors mentioned in this buying guide are general and will help you get the most appropriate induction cooktop for yourself.


The very first thing that you need to make a decision on is your budget. Now a decent induction cooktop is going to cost you somewhere between $50 and $70. You can easily set your budget and then look for the available options.

Check out the controls

After you have decided on the budget that you want to go ahead with, try checking out the features being offered in the available options. Focus on the different cooking modes, temperature and power range along with energy efficiency.

Not just that, you might want some feature like child safety lock removed from your list of priorities if there is no kid in the house. Adding or reducing features to your tentative buy will increase/decrease the price accordingly.

Check the speed

At any store or outlet, the company would be poised to give you a demo to show how fast their cooktop boils or cooks. Test your available options and evaluate their speed by yourself. If they are fast enough, you can easily pick the one that suits you.

Evaluate performance and Efficiency

Speed is a part of performance of the cooktop but it is better to take an advanced performance evaluation in the demo of the cooktop. See how well the cooktop can cook food and check whether it has any safety measure like auto shut off for risk management.

I would recommend that you buy a display enabled induction cooktop that enhances the user experience to a great extent.

Check how durable it is

The next factor you need to consider is the durability of the design of the induction cooktop. After all, if you’re making an investment of fifty bucks, you need to have an induction cooktop that lasts at least 7-8 years. Better engineered designs often tend to last longer.

Brand Value

Even though this might not be helpful always, considering brand value does help quite  a lot of times in selecting a good product that would deliver on its name and promised features or functionality. Branded cooktops might incur a few extra bucks but trust me, it is worth every penny spent.

Research with reviews from buyers

Last but not the least, I would like to conclude this buying guide with the consideration that you should give appropriate time to research the reviews and critical response to the induction cooktop model that you are interested in buying.  This will help you in understanding the product’s advantages as well as disadvantages from a user’s perspective.

Final Thought

Induction cooktops are true kitchen revolutionizing appliances that have changed our very perception of cooking food. Induction cooktops as compared to gas and electric counterparts are better in every aspect and detail when it comes to control, functionality and durability as well as performance. By efficiently replacing the traditional gas stoves/ cooktops and electric cooktops, induction cooktops have brought an extravagant utilization of magnetic flux in their functionality.

An induction cooktop is not just a valuable addition to your ante, but it also happens to be an economical advantage for your home expenditure- it allows saving time, money, food as well as power. A great looking cooktop that is cool to touch and comes equipped with several controls that enhance user experience while the food is cooked at an unprecedentedly high speed- that’s the magic of an induction cooktop!

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