Why Using Induction Cooktop is a Better Cooking Method?

Induction cooktop is the smartest cooking method of the modern time. First, it’s important to know what an induction is and how it really works. An induction cooktop is an electronic appliance which is used to cook food by converting electrical energy to heat energy.

There normally is a vessel made of ferromagnetic material which also include a coil of copper wire which heats up when current flows through it. It has now become a popular method of cooking. There are of course some reasons behind it.

Smart and efficient

 This is 21st century. Every device now is powered by electricity. It is because using electricity to power up a device or machine is smart and efficient. You can use it anytime and anywhere. It is cost efficient too.

Green method of cooking

 As induction cooktops run on electricity, it is totally a green method. It doesn’t need any wood or coal to heat up. So now you don’t need to cut down trees to cook your food. Since the invention of the cooktop, the rate of cutting down trees has gone down.

Environment Friendly

 As said before, in case of induction cooktops, there needs no burning of wood or coal. Burning wood produces smoke which contains harmful gases. These gases dissolve in air. If we breathe this harmful air then we get affected by it which later on results in a serious disease. Using induction cooktop reduces these type of threat to living beings making world a better place to live in.

Why Using Induction Cooktop is a Better Cooking Method?

What to look for when buying an induction cooktop?

Different induction offer different kind of attributes. It depends on your needs that what kind of cooktop you need. But there are some attributes you may look for when you’re buying an induction cooktop.

Ceramic Cooktop

Not every cooktop has ceramic cooktop. There are some advantages having ceramic top induction cooktop. Ceramic in a non-conductive material. It doesn’t conduct heat or electricity. So it increased the safety of getting zapped by electricity. You can also touch the cooktop while using it. The ceramic cooktop doesn’t let the heat get to you. So it’s better to look for a ceramic top induction cooker.

Cooling fan

Make sure the cooktop has a cooling fan. You’ll probably find the cooling fan under the cooktop. Cooling fan keeps the engine cool. There’s a rule about efficiency; efficiency is inversely proportional to temperature. That means the lower the temperature, the greater the efficiency.


You should choose according to your needs. But it is recommended that you choose a portable one. This it add to the usage flexibility. You will be able to move it wherever you want. You can carry it to office, dorm and even to outdoor picnics. This option is more helpful for some elderly person or the persons who suffer from physical disadvantages.

Cooking Modes

Different type of cooking need different temperature. That’s why induction cooktop introduce different cooking modes. Different modes represent different temperatures. Make sure you get the type of mode which is suitable for your cooking needs.

Overheat detection system

 As an induction cooktop is a machine, so it will of course get hot at some stage. It is very dangerous to use it in this stage. Some induction have an additional safety feature called overheat detection system. This feature automatically turns off the supply when the cooktop is overheated. There is a heat sensor which does the trick.

Auto shutdown timer

 Sometimes we forget to turn off the cooktop even though we are not using it. This is total wastage of energy. That’s why some cooktops has auto shutdown timer. So if you keep the cooktop idle for too long, it will shut down automatically. In some cooktops you can even manually set up the timer. So check if your cooktop has this kind of functionality.

Auto pan detection sensor

There’s another smart function in the advanced induction cooktops, it is called auto pan detection sensor. Well the name says it all, the cooktop can detect any pan placed above it. Once the pan is detected it starts working. When the pan is removed, it shuts down. It is a useful feature for saving a lot of energy.

Energy saving rate

 Different cooktops have different energy saving rate. It can be around 40% up to even 90%. Check energy efficiency of the induction cooktop while buying it. The more the efficiency, the more energy and money you save.

These are some basic properties of an excellent induction cooktop. Some cooktops can even provide you more than just these. Again the selection should be made according to your needs. This kind of things you don’t buy every day. So make a wise choice.

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